Crisis Management

            Are you prepared for overseas emergencies involving your faculty, students or staff?  Do you have an established protocol to follow when an emergency arises?  Does your campus staff know how to handle a media assault during a crisis?

            It is impossible to foresee all emergencies in advance but, nonetheless, advanced planning can go far in effective crisis management if and when a serious problem does arise. 

            Each crisis is, of course, sui generis, but having an outline of emergency procedures to follow as well as useful contact and other information (e.g. evacuation costs, local police information, ambulance services, names and contact information for local medical personnel and hospitals, etc.) can go far in helping deal with a crisis.  These plans/procedures should be continuously monitored, discussed with pertinent and involved people and modified to incorporate new facts, situations and events as required.

            International Education Consulting can assess your campus culture and work with you to draw up a crisis management protocol.   We can help you do advanced planning for potential emergencies/crises and write up your crisis management protocol, train you how to handle an emergency when it occurs and help you identify liability issues. 


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