Program Development

            Are you starting a program from scratch or adding a program to your already existing offerings?

            International Education Consulting can help you target countries and/or universities that complement your teaching areas or help you expand your offerings into new areas.

            Setting up new programs implies a major investment of staff time and expertise as well as a significant commitment of financial resources.  International Education Consulting can help you through the exploration and/or planning phases of developing new programs.  We can assist in the definition of your program needs and help you determine if you have the necessary expertise to develop the program as defined.

            Once the issues of need and resources have been addresses, we can help you ascertain what resources you have available at the program site.  Using our overseas contacts we can work to find any resources you might lack.

            Whether you are seeking to develop summer, short faculty-led overseas courses, or full semester study abroad, International Education Consulting can work with you to establish a sound foundation for your programs.

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