How Does IEC Work?

We are systematic in our consulting approach.  In our efforts to help you identify and fill performance gaps, we will not jump to any conclusions or form any assumptions about the root causes of your challenges.  We will consider a range of possibilities and suggest interventions that will be the most likely to succeed for you.  Once the consulting task has been defined, IEC will work with you to determine how you wish them to undertake your particular assignment(s).  Options include:

  • reviewing and analyzing documents
  • interviewing individuals or groups within the university
  • facilitating small group discussions or retreats
  • collecting scattered information and creating a broad-based analysis
  • helping to set an institutional agenda
  • solving problems
  • creating a broader perspective
  • exploring options with you and advising on the approach and procedures that will optimize your program’s success.
Findings will be presented in a combination of oral summaries and written reports.

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