Risk Management

            In the past, forward thinking international education organizations focused on preventing and avoiding disasters.  Today it seems inevitable that nearly everyone will encounter an unexpected situation at one time or another.

            Risk management is a core element of any organization’s strategic management. The focus now has moved from avoidance of threat to being able to effectively respond to that threat.   The pressures for risk management planning have become both internal and external.  The object is to add a maximum sustainable value to all the activities undertaken by the organization.  The bottom line is that if it disrupts your operations, it is a crisis regardless of what causes it.

            IEC can help you become better prepared and be more proactive about your risk management.  We can lead you through the process of assessing your needs and developing the policies and procedures necessary to “land on your feet” when crisis strikes.  Being prepared to recover from the impact of a crisis will enable you to maintain continuity in your international education operations and give you a reputation for professionalism when faced with an untimely event.

            We can help you set up a continuous and developing process that will run throughout your organization’s international strategy and the implementation of that strategy.  It will systematically examine your organization’s activities in the past, the present and, most importantly, the future.

            There are several benefits to establishing a risk management plan in advance.  Overall, it helps make the program staff and other involved individuals more prepared to respond rapidly and appropriately in the event that there is some type of emergency/crisis.  It demonstrates the seriousness of the program to meeting student needs and can also help, in some cases, to avoid and/or lessen the severity of a potentially serious situation.  Finally, risk management, in many cases, is a built-in defense against lawsuits.

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