Study Abroad

Whether you are seeking to enhance your study abroad program or to create a new one, International Education Consulting can provide valuable expertise to you.  Higher education institutions both in the U.S. and overseas have received our help for:

  • Program Development
  • Faculty-led short overseas courses
  • Risk Analysis and Risk Management for study abroad programs
  • Program audits
  • Development of pre-departure orientation programs
  • Development of Crisis Management protocols
  • Crisis Management training
  • Evaluation of study abroad marketing policies and procedures
  • Study Abroad documentation review and evaluation
  • Structuring of new international program offices
  • Definition of staff roles and responsibilities
  • Assistance in developing exchange programs and facilitating institutional linkages with overseas educational partners
  • Strategic planning
  • Title VI grant proposals

If you are exploring the creation of an international education program, we can help:

    • to build a case for change
    • provide basic training
    • identify roles and responsibilities
    • provide management briefings

If you are starting a program, we can help:

    • supply advanced training
    • design the program
    • provide facilitation or project support
    • give presentations and briefings

If you already have a functioning office, we can help:

    • give briefings on trends in the field
    • audit existing programs and/or documents
    • provide program development support

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